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Dianara is a Pump.io client, a free (as in freedom) desktop application to manage a user's account on the Pump.io distributed social network (See http://pump.io).

It is completely usable for daily tasks, and it can even do several things that the web interface can't, like editing posts and comments, or uploading audio and video.

Check the blog for updated info.
Dianara screenshot

Blog at http://jancoding.wordpress.com/dianara
Git repository at https://gitlab.com/dianara/dianara-dev (go here to download the latest development source)

Check the blog for package availability for different GNU distributions, and other operating systems.
If there is nothing for your system, you'll have to build from source. There are instructions in the INSTALL file.

Download stable version 1.2.5 source tarball

Read about the first beta for v1.3.0 or get the source

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